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The Sea Wolf: Blood Boon


Worlds apart, their fates intertwined…            


      Hunted by a beast of the likes she didn’t understand, Gabriella Shannon had lost everything she loved. The only thing she had left was a scrap of parchment with strange writing on it given to her by her father. Forced from all that was familiar, she was helpless and adrift on the dark Irish Sea—it seemed that is where she would die. However, the universe had laid a different fate for her. Gabriella would soon find herself choosing between placing her trust in a handsome, charismatic man who was wanted throughout Europe and a ship full of pirates or surrendering to a two-century-old Vampire Lord and his relentless pursuit of her.

     Captain Delacroix knew there was something familiar about the girl the moment he pulled her from the sea. He had no idea the girl atop the makeshift raft, bucking waves against the hull of his ship, would turn out to be his destiny. This delicate Irish girl, her mysterious past, and the torrent of trouble she brought with her would soon consume everything he coveted, including his heart. He felt compelled to protect this girl, his treasure, no matter the cost—even if the price was to be his life.

     Lord Draven Valentin had finally found her, his only love. He had all but succumbed to endless heartache and loneliness as he searched for what seemed like eternities. And now, with his gaunt underling by his side, he would indeed claim her and destroy anyone who stood in his way. Pulling the girl from her protector would be no easy task and a battle, like no other, would follow in its wake.

     Unless James Delacroix could figure out the significance of the small scrap of paper Gabriella coveted and figure out a way to stop this evil from stealing his prize, she would be lost to him and this life forever.

The Sea Wolf: Taking Back the Crown


In a world where no one could be trusted, she trusted him ...


Months had passed following their deadly confrontation with the ancient vampire, Draven Valentin. At last, Gabriella Shannon was hopeful, experiencing a genuine sense of security for the first time in months. Putting the past behind her, she journeyed with James to England; but James Delacroix had a hidden agenda … What should have been a truly joyous occasion would soon become one fraught with danger and deceit.

For seven years Captain James Delacroix had evaded capture for acts of treason and piracy against the Crown. Refusing to let go of a tragic past, he shielded Gabriella from the truth and grew more restless by the day. James wanted the man responsible for the unjust execution of his young brother, and he wouldn’t rest as long as the wretch drew breath.

The ill-fated venture seemed doomed from the start and may well prove to be his downfall. Neither James nor Gabriella could have prepared themselves for the violent storm of trouble awaiting them in London.

With England on the brink of war, London was not a sympathetic place for an inexperienced Irish girl. What would she do if everything the Captain had planned came crashing down, knocking the king from his throne, and leaving her alone in the vast, corrupt city? Gabriella may be forced to put her faith in an unimaginable source.    

Silhouette of Ship Weather Vane against

          Setting sail soon...

    The Sea Wolf: Red Flag

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