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Melony Rae

Melony Rae is a South Dakota born artist and novelist. She has been writing stories and articles since she was a young girl and has written pieces for several New Orleans publications in the past. Becoming a novelist in her adult years, she combines her passion for the Golden Age of Piracy, vampires, and the supernatural, with her love of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries to create a world worthy of any seafaring rogue. Her series, The Sea Wolf, is packed with adventure and passion.

"The characters come to life within a beautiful tapestry of vivid descriptions and an immersive story." 

"My wish is for readers to fall in love with the humorous pirates of the Marie Elena and despise the villains who pursue them. Whatever the case, these are books in which I hope people can immerse themselves and are happy they invested their time."  


Any spare time is spent with her family and her dogs or creating Victorian Mourning Dolls and realistic wool sculptures. When available, you can view her dolls online or catch the few that are on display at The Museum of Death in Hollywood, CA. and New Orleans, LA.

Conjoined twins doll by Melony Rae
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