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A blog post about pirates



Avast! An' a hearty welcome to me blog. Here, there be pirates!

O'er the seemingly unending journey across the waves, an' whilst ye be doin' nothin' other than takin' up air in the hold, we may as well pass the time with a bit o' discourse. Fer those of ye lubbers with an interest in bits of pirate history an' the like, this be the place to gather. So grab up a bottle an' settle yerselves--I have a tale or two. 

All right, enough pirate talk for now. Every so often, I will post stories, history, and lore concerning piracy in the 18th. and 19th. centuries. Topics will include subjects I have touched on in my SEA WOLF novel series, and with it, I hope to delve deeper into some of the occurrences within the story. The Golden Age of Piracy brought with it tales of courage, cowardice, surrender, and execution. The era was ripe with violence, torture, death, and plunder on both the high seas as well as ashore. 

In any case, this is an introduction to my grog . . . that is to say, blog. wherein you will find loads of engaging content to satisfy the blackguard in you. Enjoy!


*** Be warned, some subject matter is not suitable for young audiences. 

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